The sugar paste adheres to the hair not the skin. The Sugar lubricates the root for an easier hair removal from the follicle; in the natural direction of the hair growth. A natural exfoliant, removing the dryer cells provides a superior hair removal and skin conditioning treatment.

Sugaring VS Waxing

Waxing adheres to live skin cells causing ingrown hairs, pain, irritation, redness and bumps — traumatising the skin. Wax hardens on the hair and has the tendency to break it off. The sugar paste is pushed into the hair follicle and removed with a flicking action pulling the hair from the root in the natural direction it would release, which hurts less!


How often will I need a treatment?

The general rule of thumb is 4-6 weeks. Treatments scheduled closer together result in faster hair refinement. Appointments are scheduled based on your individual hair growth patterns.

What do I do before my treatment?

  1. Hair should be the length of a grain of rice (about 2 weeks growth)

  2. Don’t trim at home, moisturise or apply any oils to skin

  3. Avoid exfoliating at least 3 days prior

  4. Leave your fear at the door, most people have it hyped up in their head but it’s never as bad as they imagine


Will it Hurt?

Any sort of hair removal can be painful depending on the skin and technique of the person administering the procedure. Body sensitivity and individual pain tolerance are different for everyone. It may sting at the start but as you continue treatments the hair removal become less painful.

Can i be Burnt?

Unlike waxing the sugar is never hot! It is applied warm, the sugar will warm to become more like your body heat, during the treatment. Your skin will not tear as sugaring is very gentle on the skin. Also, bacteria can not breed in sugar (as opposed to wax)! It has historically been used to pack wounds post operation. This is the most sanitary and long lasting hair removal option, without it being a medical procedure.